Fee Schedule

Chronotherapy evaluation, treatment plan and monitoring, and adjustment by Dr. Terman.  Fees include: a 45-minute evaluation session, with review of the preparatory questionnaire, rating scales, and sleep logs ($300), a 75-minute session leading to the design of the individualized treatment plan ($450; fee of $700 due at this session, which includes eight weeks of home treatment monitoring ($250). The selection of treatment equipment and supplies will be discussed at the second visit, for ordering from external vendors.

Psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Drake, 45 minutes, $300, CPT code 90792.  Follow-up visits for medication management (if indicated), 30 minutes, $200, CPT code 99214.

Psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Mandel, 45 minutes, $250 (CPT code 90791 for the initial visit, and 90834 for further visits).

The group does not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, though some services may be reimbursable out-of-network, given the CPT codes listed above.  Prospective patients should check their plan beforehand for pre-approval, if necessary, and clarify the reimbursement rate for each procedure, as specified by the CPT codes.  Dr. Terman's fees are not reimbursable. Payment by check or credit/debit card is to be made at each visit.


Item(s) to be selected at Dr. Terman's second session and ordered from external vendors:  light box, $120 (potentially reimbursable with our letter of endorsement); blue blocking protective glasses, $80; microdose melatonin, $49; dusk-to-dawn simulator, $100; negative air ionizer, $165.