1. Email Us at:

We will send you a history questionnaire and a release form that permits us to contact your doctors if further medical information is necessary. Alternatively, this questionnaire and release form can be downloaded directly and anonymously at this LINK.

2. Your questionnaire responses will guide us in determining whether our program could be helpful to you. If so, we will call to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Terman, for chronotherapy evaluation.

3. In preparation for this appointment, you will receive a second set of questionnaires covering sleep and circadian rhythm issues, mood state, seasonal changes, and physical symptoms.  At that time, you will begin a daily log of your sleep pattern, medications (if any), and mood and energy ratings.  This information is important for diagnostic assessment.

4. Following your appointment with Dr. Terman, we will ask you to schedule a second appointment with Dr. Drake for a general psychiatric screen, medications review, and summary which Dr. Terman needs to proceed with you to the treatment phase of the program.  If indicated, Dr. Drake or Dr. Terman may also recommend that you check with Dr. Mandel about the possibility of coordinating psychotherapy with chronotherapy.

5. At your third appointment, Dr. Terman will generate a treatment plan with you and determine which apparatus and supplies you will need to order. Once received, you can promptly begin the chronotherapy.

6. Dr. Terman will monitor your status and treatment for eight weeks from the time of the second appointment, and make adjustments to achieve the best results as quickly as possible. During this period, you will fax sleep log updates, which he will use to optimize the treatment plan. Additional adjustments to the treatment plan will be reviewed with you. Consults with Drs. Drake and Mandel, or your primary providers may be done as indicated. Further chronotherapy appointments are generally unnecessary.

7. Each member of the Group schedules chronotherapy, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy visits separately. Appointments are held at offices in Midtown or in the 70's on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Out-of-town patients can be scheduled to see Drs. Terman and Drake on the same day.
8. Patients are often referred by their therapist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, OB/GYN, sleep specialist, guidance counselor, college health service, or a family member.  We work collaboratively with your providers to ensure that all medical and mental health services are integrated.